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Transparency and Visibility Issues in Indian Real estate Sector

November 5, 2012

Since 2005 there is revolution in Indian real estate sector especially the growth which has been witnessed in tier1 and tier 2 cities. The industry is highly fragmented and unorganized which is now on the verge of becoming more organized, which is a good sign for customer. Still I believe the sector has long way to go. The way transactions happens there is lack of transparency and visibility for customers the acronyms used by sales staff are unknown to customer and probably which they only understand. There are several perennial issues around selling process. This process really needs to be buyer centric rather than seller the yield will be increased level of confidence on each from both sides.

The transparency issue could be best resolved to a certain extend with the help of Information Technology, there are application software like SmartBuilder, which are developed in customer requirements in mind. The beauty of the software is its highly generic and customized further it exactly delivers what customer wants. Visit it provides a complete holistic view for the buyer queries and has all necessary information around project which buyer wants to know. 

Software like this can certainly make a huge difference in the way transaction happens and would foster the confidence, trust in both parties. Looking forward for more such technology ideas which helps to make congenial market place.







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